People Myanmar population is estimated at over 54.3 million in (2004-2005), with the Myanmar population density being 70 persons per sq km. Myanmar is the Union of seven states and seven division.

Myanmar (Burma) has over hundred national races reside together in all areas of the land. Roughly three quarters of the Myanmar population are rural inhabitants, with the remaining population living in urban Yangon, Mandalay and Mawlamyaing. About two thirds of People Myanmar population is Burma (Myanmar) with other Myanmar minorities making up the other third live. One third of Myanmar population is involved in Myanmar agriculture. Unlike many developing other countries, there isn't any big city in Myanmar (Burma).

Of the minorities in Myanmar Population, the Karen and the Shan groups which together make up less than ten percent of Myanmar's population are considered to be the two most important ones in Myanmar. With the British occupation, most of the ethnic Myanmar minorities were kept separate within their borderlands, thus enabling them to maintain their own traditions. Since Burma rule these Myanmar minorities especially the Karen with occasional help from Shan groups and the Kachin. Myanmar has over hundred national races reside together in all Myanmar areas of the land.

Most of Myanmar people are Buddhism. Over 80% of the Myanmar people practice Theravada Buddhism which is to be also found flourishing in Myanmar neighboring countries like Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
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